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1-7th AUGUST 2016

College of Nursing, NIMHANS, Bangalore,Karnataka.

World breast feeding week has been celebrated since 1992 and is the biggest social mobilization platform for breast feeding.Government and health officials, nongovernmental organizations and individuals observe the day, often with education on exclusive breast feeding, advantages of breast feeding etc. The theme of world breast feeding week 2016 is “Breast feeding: A key to sustainable development”

This year’s world breast feeding week 2016 (WBW2016) is celebrated to signify the link between breastfeeding and sustainable development goals (SDG’s). SDG’s serves as a blue print for global commitment and action towards equitable development.This Year, the World Alliance for Breastfeeding action (WABA) has taken up challenge to frame infant and young child feeding strategies within sustainable development.

In this direction , the Obstetrical and Gynaecology Department & Community Health Nursing Department at College of Nursing,NIMHANS, Bangalore, has organised and conducted an exhibition to create awareness about Breastfeeding during the 1 week ofAugust 2016 at Primary Health Centre & Maternity health centre , Taverekere. The B.Sc. Nursing 4th year students were involvedin conducting the exhibition under the guidance and supervision of Mrs. D. Kanitha, Dr. C.Rajeswari, Mr. B. Jaya kumar, Ms. Jeeva.S., Lecturers and Mrs. S.Vijayalakshmi , Clinical Instructor at college of Nursing, NIMHANS.

The students conducted the exhibition in the premises of the Primary Health Centre after obtaining the necessary permission from the Medical Officer of the PHC as well as the Maternity centre. The students have prepared posters covering various aspects ofBreast feeding like: overview of the Breastfeeding day and its theme, Structure of breast, physiology of breast feeding –let downreflex, positions for breast feeding, signs of good and poor attachment, advantages of breast feeding to the mother and infant, expression of breast milk, immunization schedule, diet planning for mother , immunization schedule and common breast complications and home care measures etc.

The Medical officer of the primary health centre and the medical officer of the Maternity centre were invited to inaugurate the exhibition followed by which the students gave explanation of the related concepts to the post natal mothers, their relatives and general public. The conduct of the exhibition was ably assisted and guided by the medical officer’s contribution to the exhibition by conducting a discussion session with the mothers and demonstration session on positions etc.

The medical officers and staff of the Primary health centre and the maternity centre appreciated the efforts of the students and their involvement to create awareness among general population about breast feeding.

Followed by the inauguration and visit of staffs of the PHC, the exhibition was open to the general public. The people were interested to know about breast feeding, and clarified their concerns related to the breast feeding. The exhibition was attended actively by nearly 30-40 women who visited the PHC, maternity centre and the neighbouring people living in the area.

Feedback was taken in writing regarding their opinion about the exhibition related to world breast feeding week which revealed that posters were informative and the explanation offered by the students were helpful to create awareness regarding the breastfeeding. The students also distributed pamphlets issued by BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) spreading the knowledge regarding advantages of breast feeding to the public in local language.

The exhibition came to the end with thanks to the general public who participated in large numbers and to the medical officers and staff of PHC and Maternity health centre, Taverekere.

GLIMPSES OF EXHIBITION On world Brest Feeding Week 1-7th August 2016.

Explanation by the students
Active participation of public

Active participation of public
Active participation of public
posters on display
posters on display

posters on display
posters on display
posters on display
posters on display

A small group discussion
Demonstration- positions for breast feeding
Feedback from staff-PHC
Feedback from the public

Group photo
organized & conducted by:
Pamphlets-issued by BBMP on breast feeding in local language and distributed by students to the public


M.M College of Nursing, Mullana, Ambala celebrated World Breastfeeding Week from 1st to 7th of August 2019. The theme was “Empower Parents, Enable Breastfeeding”.

Day 1-4: Awareness on theme

Breast Feeding

Day 5: Seminar on “Importance of breast-feeding”

Importance of breast-feeding

Day 6: Slogan writing competition on topic “Breastfeeding”

Total 10 students of Post Basic 1st year participated in the slogan writing competition. The prizes were distributed by the faculty.

Importance of breast-feeding